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Shocked! North Korea has denied accepting China's "3 million doses" of

LONDON (Reuters) - UNICEF said onฝาก20รับ100Investing in slot games is a very low risk investment. Free credit, press to receive the web page. You only need to be mindful of playing. know a little technique along with the horoscope Just like this, you can easily scoop a lot of money, of course, the trend of online slots games right now is considered very strong. but also to service providers online slot games Many new pages have emerged. There are countless players to choose from. Tuesday (Sept. 1) that North Korea had refused to request nearly 3 million doses of China's Sinovac vaccine, saying it was appropriate to send it to affected countries. But experts say Pyongyang is unconvinced of the efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine from China, which has expressed more interest in getting Russia's Sputnik V vaccine.

Reuters reported on Saturday (Sept. 1) that North Korea's health ministry had justified its refusal to receive aid, citing the supply of a COVID-19 vaccine. of the world is not enough and the COVID-19 virus Species still exist, spreading in different parts of the world, according to a statement Wednesday (1) by UNICEF for Children. of the United Nations organizing the provision of a vaccine against COVID-19 through the COVAX program in low-income and poor countries around the world.

So far, North Korea has not reported a single case of COVID-19 infection. Pyongyang has enacted strict enforcement measures. This includes closing the borders. and limiting domestic travel

A spokesman for the United Nations agency told Reuters that The ministry will remain in touch with the United Nations' COVAX program in the coming months for the vaccine.

Earlier in July North Korea has rejected the AstraZeneca vaccine because of concerns about its side effects. According to a report by South Korea's Think Tank agency that deals with Seoul's intelligence services.

The National Security Strategy Institute at the time said North Korea had not shown enough interest in China's COVID-19 vaccine "due to concerns it might not work", but expressed greater interest in the Sputnik V vaccine. Developed by Russia

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