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Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Lend Your Coworkers Money
[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL21lLzAvdWQv...kuanBn.jpg]

One of the most embarrassing issues between colleagues working in the same workplace is Meeting a coworker "borrowing money" actually doesn't have to be a colleague. Anyone who was considered a close friend to some extent began to ask to borrow money. It often ends with many misunderstandings.

Understand that being borrowed money in many situations is difficult to refuse. Maybe it's because you're a timid person. can't deny anyone I don't know how to survive. Or maybe it comes with a small loan, 5-10 baht, but borrowing and pretending to forget or not returning which the silver coin If it has been borrowed and not returned many times It's a lot of money as well. Entrance to apply for JOKER automatic system. สมัคร joker through an automated system, easy to apply, a few steps You can now play online slots JOKER123 with us. Join us today Receive special promotions from us immediately.

The thing to keep in mind is that “Money doesn't come to anyone, and it may escalate at any time. Especially with people who are called “Colleagues” who have to work together every day as well. This might be the most heartbreaking war. and eventually may end up breaking up not looking at each other Or become people who hate each other for the rest of their lives, so it's best not to let the “money” come in and destroy the friendship between each other.

1. There will be a first time, there will be more times.
no matter what It will only be difficult at the beginning. If you can pass the first level, the next level or the next one will not be difficult. It's the same with borrowing money. Once you get it the first time, more will follow, especially if you're someone who's considerate or can't reject others. So remember to lend easily, your debtor will always be the same page forever. owe football betting He'll always come to you because he knows he's coming, and he may accidentally invite other people in the office to become your debtor. with a cool pearl that "T and that person still lend it." If you don't want to be a creditor for the whole office Don't be impatient to lend it to anyone.

2. Demanding hardships
There are people of different ages in the office. many job positions Someone who is much older than you or someone who is in a higher position. If you accidentally let them lend you money. When it's time to return You don't dare ask. Both worried about etiquette as to which word to use to ask for it. Will it be ugly? Why is it because it is a money request? If he said something like this, he would act like a greedy, jealous, salty person, a black hearted person, and something like this. I don't know how to react or if he plays a drama role Various life problems beset Make yourself feel guilty for asking for money or being embarrassed every time you face a debtor. This is very bad for your mental health.

3. No, no escape, no pay, no risk, no return (soon)
Remember the picture when he played a sad character? Tears flowed from his eyes because he was in so much trouble. Pin bowed deeply when he borrowed money. Makes you weak, you have to pick it up Please note that the image will be replayed at a later time. Only you will switch roles with your debtor. even though you are in a creditor status Because if he comes in a dizzy, sassy way, why doesn't he have it back? He doesn't run away, so he doesn't pay Diligent and demanded Be prepared that the percentage of not getting that money back is quite high. If the players quietly resigned and disappeared, or to get it back, they demanded that they die. Of course, they wouldn't be able to look at each other.
I have the Phoenix Wrights, the Castlevanias, the crappy Harvest Moon, Advance War, Hotel Dusk, and a few others. Are there any other games with a good story?

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